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Security CameraWhen it comes to getting an alarm or security system for your home value for money is usually top of the agenda. For this reason, many people get alarms installed for the cheapest price.

The only problem is that not every alarm system is the same and you can unfortunately pay out money for something that is really worthless because it doesn't address the needs you have.

As well as that, there is a lot of different technology out there and if you're not careful you can end up with a security system that may make a loud noise but little else...

Our mission is to give the customer GENUINE peace of mind while at their home or their business - at a fair price.

This means that we are not the cheapest in the market (although for some things we might be!) but we are definitely very good value for money and certainly cheaper than many of the bigger companies in the marketplace, who we believe treat customers like they're just a number.

We are a young company that has passed all of the stringent tests to receive accreditation from the Private Security Authority (PSA) (which includes screening by the Garda Siochana) and are dedicated to giving you great value for money with a high level of professional service.

If you are someone who is looking for an alarm/security system that:

  • Really protects you, and satisfies all of the security needs you have.
  • Is at a fair price with a service that's very professional.
  • Comes with dependable support and back up.

then it's worth talking with us today.

To save time for yourself, please fill out our Quick Quote facility on this site. This will give you an indication of what price range the alarm system to suit your home will be in.

If after that you'd like to get more detailed information, please call us on 01-890 1549 or 046-9546298.

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